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Silverwear Jewelry Design Company

The husband and wife team of Bill and Sandra Owens began Silverwear Jewelry Design Co. in 1982 with a focus on custom and original designs. Working in Sterling and Argentium Silver, Karat Gold and hand selected unique gemstones from around the world, they fashion beautiful, one-of-a-kind pieces.

Bill and Sandra maintain the highest standard of workmanship for their Wearable Art Jewelry and delight in knowing their hand made pieces are worn every day. "I only wear your jewelry" is a frequent comment heard by the design teams beloved family of customers.

"Jewelry is one of the few art forms worn directly on the skin, it is a very intimate and personal art form and should embrace the spirit of the wearer." Bill and Sandra

We even handmake each sterling silver and gold earwire, first drawing the oversized wire down through 7 dies to make the wire more durable and shape-holding for the lifetime of wear it will receive.

Visit the studio/store in Benson, Vermont to meet them in person and see how they create their jewelry.

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